July 15-21 Belgian Restaurant Week DC
Belgian Restaurant week DC

Saturday, July 21st

Taste of Belgium What you gonna do? You want to get down? The chefs of Belgian Restaurant Week do. Join them as a week of decadent desserts, cordial raising of glasses, and gentlemanly global dinners ends in a down-and-dirty battle of pure, rough, and hard mussel muscle.  Ladies and gentleman, get ready for the Mussel Throw Down. 

Who will win the crowd and the judges as the best chefs in Washington, DC compete in the highly anticipated Mussel Throw Down at Capital Yards Park, presented by Stella Artois. Attendees can snack on mussels, frites, beer, and ice cream on this 182nd Anniversary of Belgium’s Independence. Op uw gezondheid!

At the annual brawl reserved solely for Belgian National Day, Saturday July 21 at the Taste of Belgium event sponsored by Stella Artois, each chef will muscle their way to the top, preparing unique variations in this madness of mollusks. In the heat of the competition, shells will be torn open and meat will be ripped from its safe haven, separating the champs from the wimps. Glory and beer spoils await the victor, but who will be left standing at the finish line? Get your back up off the wall and to Yards Park at the Capital Riverfront to find out. Frites freaks and waffle wanderlusts welcome too.

Mussels: $6 | Beer: $6 | Frites: $4 | Waffles: $4 | Ice Cream or Beer Floats: $4 each | Event is 12pm-6.30pm | No Admission Fee